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  • Paper Filing is available for documents exempt from e-filing.
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10 Things to Know About E-Filing

  1. Electronic filing, also known as e-filing, is a process that allows court documents to be filed and served electronically.

  2. In California, e-filing is mandatory for most civil cases in the state’s superior courts, appellate courts, and the California Supreme Court.

  3. E-filing allows users to submit court documents online and eliminates the need for paper filings.

  4. To e-file in California, users must register for an account with the court’s e-filing system, such as the California Courts Case Management System (CMS).

  5. E-filing users must ensure that the documents they submit are in the correct format and meet the court’s requirements.

  6. E-filing allows for the immediate delivery of court documents and the ability to track the status of a case in real-time.

  7. E-filing also allows for the payment of filing fees electronically.

  8. Some court documents may still require a physical signature and will need to be filed in paper format.

  9. E-filing is a more efficient and cost-effective way of submitting court documents as it reduces paper usage and mailing costs.

  10. E-filing is also more environmentally friendly.


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