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    RAS will take care of all your court filings and service of process needs.

    Reliable Attorney Service is an official electronic filing provider.

    RAS specializes in service of process, Court filings, Eviction Notices, Family Law filings, Restraining Orders, Civil Lawsuits, Small Claims, Private Cease and Desist Notices, Special Investigations/Surveillance, and Stake-Outs.

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    Sub Rosa Investigation
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    Document Preparation

    Licensed and bonded

    Excellence in Services

    We are leaders in providing legal services with a set of cutting-edge technologies and a team of experienced and renowned professionals.


    Registered Process Servers

    We work with experienced process servers and we can help with the most difficult serves.

    Our Team

    Jon Abramyan


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    “NAPPS members assure a citizen’s right to due process and access to the legal system. To this end, a NAPPS member is committed to being accountable, reliable and valuable to their legal clients, the courts, and the parties and witnesses they serve. Membership is on an individual basis, and each member is expected to adhere to high ethical standards and have a thorough understanding of the NAPPS code of conduct on which NAPPS prides itself.” -National Association of Process Servers